Past Intern Features Ford

Last summer, FOX Sports Ohio had the pleasure of having Kathleen Allen as our marketing and communications intern. She was an oustanding addition to the team and hopefully gained valuable work experience during her time with the network.

Following her internship, she returned to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. As part of her junior year's spring class assignment, Kathleen reconnected with FOX Sports Ohio to write a feature on our very own SVP & GM, Henry Ford, entitled "Henry Ford: The ambitious idea man behind FOX Sports Ohio."

This feature is not your traditional run-of-the-mill biography of an executive. That much is clear from the very first sentence:

"You would probably never imagine the general manager of a major television network speeding down the side of a Hawaiian mountain at 50 miles per hour on inline skates, but that’s exactly the type of thing Henry Ford likes to do."

Kathleen posted the entire article on her blog, "Everything in Between." Her feature on Ford is located here! (and scroll down). Check it out. Not only will you learn a lot about Henry Ford, you will also enjoy the style of a very talented writer!

Great job Kathleen. We are very proud of you!