DIRECTV’s The Dan Patrick Show Joins FSO

Fox Sports Ohio will Distribute the Popular Sports Talk TV Series beginning Oct. 25
DIRECTV, the nation’s most popular video service, and Fox Sports Net (FSN), are making broadcast history through a syndication deal that enables FSN to distribute DIRECTV’s popular The Dan Patrick Show – seen on DIRECTV’s The 101® Network – to its regional sports networks (RSNs) and affiliates, including FOX Sports Ohio.

The innovative TV show, based on the nationally syndicated weekday radio program, The Dan Patrick Show, will be launched beginning Monday, Oct. 25. The show airs live, from 9 a.m. to noon ET, Monday through Friday.

“I think this is an incredible opportunity for Dan and the Danettes to showcase their talents to a larger audience,” said Chris Long, senior vice president, Entertainment, DIRECTV. “Dan is one of the most talented broadcasters in the business and in the past year we have created a truly unique TV experience for our loyal customers.”

“I’m proud that the show we’ve developed will be seen by even more fans,” said Patrick. “DIRECTV took a radio show and seamlessly developed it into a hybrid of radio and television in one show. And it’s not stagnant. It’s not us doing a radio show with two cameras showing us talking. We will show you the good and bad of what goes on during a show and during the breaks. If we screw up, we can’t hide it.”

Jeff Krolik, executive vice president, FSN, added, “Dan’s is a unique talent who has a razor-sharp wit and a piercing insight into the world of sports. The show consistently delivers great, timely guests, smart conversation, and an unpredictable cast of characters that will connect with our viewers.”

The Dan Patrick Show began airing exclusively on DIRECTV’s The 101 Network, DIRECTV’s original programming channel, Aug. 3, 2009, and expanded on the radio
show format using Patrick’s trademark humor and interaction with his production staff that includes Paul Pabst, Patrick O’Connor, Andrew Perloff and Todd Fritz, known as “The Danettes.”

Amid the revealing behind-the-scenes antics and interstitial videos, the series is known for its unique blend of situational comedy, breaking sports news, unparalleled insider access and pop culture commentary. By allowing viewers to see the true comedy that surrounds Patrick and his team, The Dan Patrick Show reveals the humor in sports broadcasting while opening the locker room doors to the world of sports. Patrick’s on-air guests include many high profile athletes and celebrities.