In the News

FOX Sports Ohio has been in the news recently surrounding Reds ratings, coverage, and promotions!

Most recently, shared with it's readers our latest Reds ticket promotions - the "Ticket Office Takeover" in a post.

Ratings for the Cincinnati Reds on FOX Sports Ohio are off to a hot start. After a record Opening Day rating of 21.25, in simulcast with WKRC Channel 12, their opening homestand continued the trend. Check out The Cincinnati Bousiness Courier's article.
WKRC Channel 12 shared the FOX Sports Ohio Reds Live clip on their coverage of the Reds-Nationals game on Apr. 15, when Joey Votto coined the term "Cincinnatitude" in an interview with Jim Day. WKRC wasn't the only one to pick up the video. NBC Channel 4 in Washington covered it here and the Washington Post also picked it up here

The FOX Sports Ohio Girls have also been getting some media love as well.

They were featured in a Blue Jackets blog, called Full Mental Jackets, with a Q&A and photo in FOX Sports Ohio Girls Go Fully Mental

And, did you know that Sara the FOX Sports Ohio Girl is in a band? There's more to that story here.