Follow Austin Carr on Twitter

The legendary Austin Carr, FOX Sports Ohio's Cavaliers analyst, was ready to join the Twitterverse. During the Cavs home opener on Oct. 30, the network called upon fans to vote on his Twitter handle.

The poll on included four potential handles.

Over the following days, hundreds of fans cast their vote. When the poll closed, Cavs Head Coach Byron Scott announced the winning handle, @MrCavalier34, on Cavaliers Live pregame show on Nov. 2.

AC's first tweet!
Once @MrCavalier34 went public, many welcomed AC to Twitter, including the Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, the Cavs, FOX Sports Ohio broadcasters, Cavs mascot Moondog, and many fans! And in just hours following the announcement, @MrCavalier34 had over 4,000 followers and growing.