FOX SuPPORTS OHIO's 2012 Season of Support

FOX Sports Ohio Celebrated the Holiday Season by Collecting Toys for Tots and Volunteering at Toys for Tots and the Cleveland Domestic Violence Center

As part of the 2012 Season of Support, FOX SupPORTS Ohio was honored to team up with Toys for Tots and Cleveland's Domestic Violence Center to give back to the community.

Toys for Tots

During the months of November and December, employees of FOX Sports Ohio and its neighboring South Hills businesses in Broadview Heights participated in a donation drive for the Toys for Tots.

The FOX Sports Ohio Girls actively promoted the collection drive through social media, and over 120 items were collected.

The Girls and FOX Sports Ohio staff delivered the toys to Toys for Tots and volunteered their time to help the marines sort and organize the donations. In this video, which is airing on FOX Sports Ohio as well as on and social media, the FOX Sports Ohio Girls thank everyone who contributed to this year’s Toys for Tots collection drive.

For a full photo gallery from the delivery and volunteer time, click here.

Volunteering at the Domestic Violence Center “Twinkle Shop”

FOX Sports Ohio has been a long-time supporter of Cleveland’s Domestic Violence Center (DVC), and this holiday season provided staff the opportunity to give their time. In mid-December, the DVC hosted the “Twinkle Shop,” which provided women and children in need with the chance to shop and give to their families over the holidays.

The FOX Sports Ohio Girls and FOX Sports Ohio employees served dinner, helped children with various craft projects, and interacted with the 50 women and children who reside at the DVC’s shelter.