Blue Jackets Record Ratings

"Monday’s Game 3 was the most-watched Blue Jackets game ever aired on Fox Sports Ohio, drawing an 8.27 rating that equates to roughly 77,000 households. The previous most-watched game was Game 1 vs. the Detroit Red Wings in the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs, the first post-season game in franchise history."
- , The Columbus Dispatch

This new record is 44% higher than the previous highest-rated game. (Game 1 between the Jackets and Red Wings on 4.16.2009 earned a 5.73 HH rating on FOX Sports Ohio.)

Games 1 and 2 of this playoff series are also in the record books. Game 2 garnered a 4.7 and Game 1 a 4.5, making them now the 3rd and 4th most-watched Blue Jackets games on FOX Sports Ohio.