Blue Jackets playing baseball?

As we Countdown To Face-Off, FOX Sports Ohio and SportsTime Ohio were excited to feature Columbus Blue Jackets Mark Letestu and Scott Hartnell as they threw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to the Indians (Letestu) and Reds (Hartnell) games. Both players were interviewed during the games.

Letestu was a guest on All Bets Are Off prior to his Sept. 5th appearance on the Indians mound.[VIDEO

When he got to there, he was surprised with who was receiving his pitch -- Indians starter Corey Kluber - and called it a "big thrill" to throw to one of the best pitchers in the American League.

"It was a ball. I can comfortably say that. But I didn't bounce it," Letestu said. "It was pretty nerve racking but I'm really happy to be here representing the Blue Jackets and thankful to the Indians for giving me the opportunity."

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Hartnell made his trip to the Reds mound on Sept. 8th. Here's a photo of his interview with Brian Giesenschlag.