Beyond "Spots and Dots"

"Advertisers want more now,” says FOX Sports Ohio Senior Account Executive, Michelle Kennedy. When advertising their product, clients have so many media options: print, radio, internet, as well as television. In order to entice them to advertise on a regional sports network, the FOX Sports Ohio sales team has to find creative ways to move beyond simple commercial advertising and add value for the client. This can include new forms of nontraditional advertising; elements that make the client feel they are an organic part of the broadcast rather than separated in a commercial break.

In partnership with Rick Koehler and Anna Latkovic of Rosenberg Advertising in Lakewood, Kennedy created two such feature elements for their clients, Alson Jewelers and Central Cadillac-Hummer, respectively. These features appear in the lower half of the screen during Cleveland Cavaliers games to increase brand recognition and enhance their traditional commercial advertising. Check them out below!

“Sports are still a very viable commodity,” says Kennedy. “Televised games are DVR proof and the fans are passionate about their teams.” The FOX Sports Ohio sales group is committed to finding ways to make their advertisers stand out.