To Tweet or Not to Tweet

In today’s face-paced, ever-changing world dominated by the Internet, e-mails and text messages, people have the ability to exchange information with a simple click of a mouse or press of a button. But this ability to communicate instantaneously is no longer a benefit of being technologically savvy; it’s an expectation. And in business, if you can’t come to the table able to “tweet” from your cell phone, don’t expect to be invited to sit down.

That’s why FOX Sports Ohio has built upon its MySpace presence and recently launched Facebook and Twitter pages, two of the hottest networking tools in the social networking craze. If you’re wondering “What is Twitter?” or “How does Facebook work?” you’re not alone. Although we hear about these web-based communication tools daily, as more and more businesses are seeing their value, it’s not uncommon to be unfamiliar with, or intimidated by, them. Below is a basic overview of how we've just begun to use these sites.

Our pages’ functions are not only to connect with viewers, but also to engage them.

Through Facebook, we can create a shared sense of community among our viewers. By posting videos, pictures, event information, programming schedules, and much more, fans can interact with us and each other by adding comments, starting discussions and posting their own photos and videos.

Twitter provides us a platform to communicate with viewers who crave that sense of immediacy. Twitter allows us to post short messages about programming, promotions, our teams, etc. and fans can follow them in real time and respond. We can also share links, photos and video.

These sites, once designed for college kids and techies, have become universal tools that help us connect and stay informed. Whether used socially or professionally, networking is the critical action. So if you haven’t yet started, become a Facebook fan of FOX Sports Ohio and start “tweeting”!

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