FOX Sports Ohio Production Crew Featured in Columbus Dispatch

On Thursday, March 11 Suzanne Hoholik, a writer for the Columbus Dispatch, gave Columbus Blue Jackets fans a behind-the-scenes look at Blue Jackets broadcasts on FOX Sports Ohio by blogging from inside the FOX Sports Ohio production truck.

On one of the Dispatch's Jackets blogs,, Hoholik documented live her experience, and observations in the truck starting with the Blue Jackets Live pre-game show to the finals seconds of the exciting game between the Jackets and Atlanta Thrashers and ending with the Blue Jackets Live post-game show. Catch up on her experience in the FOX Sports Ohio production truck on the Four-Check Blog here!

Following the game, Hoholik's experience was featured on the front page of the Dispatch's Lifestyle section on March 13.

(Travis Williams, producer of the FOX Sports Ohio pre-game show for the Blue Jackets, monitors the progress of the telecast.)

Throughout the article, readers are made to feel like they are sitting right next to game producer Ed Milliken as he calls out camera shots, and gives commentators game-related insight to repeat. Milliken needs everyone on the production crew to be on the same page for this fast pace, non-stop game. He is often complimenting his workers for a job well-done and even has time to joke around during the game, asking one of his cameramen to "throw some nickels on the ice" so that he can get a timeout to go to a commercial break.

(Game producer Ed Milliken oversees the TV crew during Jackets action.)

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