Tackling Tressel Controversy, Web Traffic Soars

When an unnamed source accused Ohio State's Jim Tressel of knowing about his players potential NCAA violations before original investigation, FOXSportsOhio.com followed the story as it unfolded.

* FOXSportsOhio.com had its second biggest day in the site's history, with 10x unique visitors.

Video section saw 20x the normal daily viewing, with  "Tressel Discusses Confidential Emails" becoming the fourth-most viewed video in site history.

Writer Zac Jackson appeared on The Dan Patrick Show within 24 hours of the Ohio State press conference.

* FOX Sports Ohio's Facebook page saw a 50% increase in fan comments on story-related posts.

* FOXSportsOhio.com writers Zac Jackson, Bruce Hooley, and Jeff Seemann all chimed in with their views on the Jim Tressel / Ohio State situation.

* Jackson: Buckeyes brace for scrutiny - Jim Tressel and the Ohio State football program have admitted to a "self-reported NCAA violation."  

* Hooley's article, Are you kidding?, was featured on FoxSports.com - In light of serious allegations pointed at Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, the university is bypassing accountability.

* Seemann: Defending OSU's Jim Tressel - Diehard Buckeye fans are coming to the defense of their sweater-vested leader.
* Zac Jackson's coverage was also quoted in a popular local blog, Waiting for Next Year.