Road Trip!

As we "March to Reds Opening Day," FOX Sports Ohio invites fans to come on out and join us on a "Road Trip to Opening Day."

Throughout the month of March, leading up to Reds Opening Day on March 31st, we'll be out at various destinations and venues throughout Cincinnati to mingle with Reds fans and get excited about the season!

Every Wednesday and Friday between Feb. 18 and Mar. 25, look to see FOX Sports Ohio's event team out in the community playing games, giving away prizes and gathering video of fans talking about the Reds.

Here's the schedule. Check our Facebook page, or click HERE for more information!

*Lunch Stops are 12:30-1:30pm and Happy Hours are 6-7pm.
Feb. 18  Lunch Stop - Smashburger
Feb. 23 Lunch Stop - Brother's Bar & Grill
Feb. 25 Happy Hour - Monk's Cove
Mar. 2 Lunch Stop - Skyline Chili
Mar. 4  Happy Hour - Dana Garden's
Mar. 9 Lunch Stop - Penn Station
Mar. 11 Happy Hour - In Between Tavern
Mar. 16 Lunch Stop - Skyline Chili
Mar. 18 Lunch Stop - Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
Mar. 23 Lunch Stop - Penn Station
Mar. 25 Happy Hour - Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar