Meet the FOX Sports Ohio Girls

Meet Hallie and Sara, the new FOX Sports Ohio Girls, two new female hosts who will guide viewers through the outstanding lineup of live games and programming on FOX Sports Ohio each day.

We are always looking for new and unique ways to create a deeper connection with our loyal and passionate fans. FOX Sports Ohio and are excited to introduce Hallie and Sara. These two new on air personalities, known as the FOX Sports Ohio Girls, are fan ambassadors for Ohio and their sports fans. Both hosts are Ohio natives with a love and passion for our state. The FOX Sports Ohio Girls bring a fresh look and feel in the delivery of content on TV and the digital platforms.

Hallie and Sara will be seen throughout Ohio at events. You can find out where they'll be next at their appearances page on

Sara's favorite sports memory is watching the Cleveland Browns every Sunday with her grandfather as a little girl. Hallie's is from 2002, when OSU beat Michigan during the last game of the regular season to end a "perfect" season. They then went on to beat Miami FL in double OT at the Fiesta Bowl.

To learn more about these two ladies, check out their website on FOXSportsOhio.comlike them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!