Covedale Trip to Louisville

As part of our sponsorship of the Covedale Athletics this summer, the youth baseball team rode the Reds Fan Express to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory for a tour and pizza party. 

"First, it was the chance to ride in the Reds Opening Day Parade.
Second, was a week of Reds' baseball camp ending with the chance to meet Reds' catcher Devin Mesoraco.
Finally, the end to Covedale Athletics summer with FOX Sports Ohio?
A trip to learn about 'The Heart of the Game', the crack of the bat.
On Wednesday, the youngsters from Covedale Athletics loaded up on the Reds Fan Express and headed down to Louisville, Kentucky to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum.
The day started out with an in-depth tour of the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory where the boys and girls got to see how baseball bats for both the major leaguers and for aspiring pros like themselves are made.
"We learned how the bats were made. How much work it actually takes. And how fast they can build the bats and how different kinds of bats are made differently. The Major League bats are made with a different machine than a high school or college players bat," said Covedale's Teeyon Grote.
The Major Leaguer's bat being made when Covedale went on their tour?
Why Reds' right fielder Jay Bruce's of course!
Not only did they get to see one of their favorite player's bat being made, but also the boys and girls got to hold a model of the first bat Louisville Slugger ever made."

Here’s the full story with more photos.