's Hal McCoy Covers Reds-Cards Tensions

Hal McCoy,’s hall-of-fame baseball writer, was at the center of the Cardinals vs. Reds scuffle that dominated sports talk on Tuesday, August 10 and Wednesday, August 11. McCoy broke the story that revealed underlying tensions between the teams that led to the in-game brawl on Tuesday.

Following that game, McCoy appeared on FOX Sports Ohio's Reds Live postgame show as well as the following Wednesday's pregame show. Click HERE to read his postgame article and watch the video of the recap.
He hosts an in-game chat every home Reds game on, and his chat following the brawl attracted 400% more traffic than an average night.

McCoy's insider coverage attracted media outlets nationwide.
His appearances included The Dan Patrick Show, ESPN First Take, FOX 45 in Dayton, Real Talk 1160 in Cincinnati, 101ESPN radio and KMOX radio in St. Louis, WHIO radio in Dayton, and KRJ radio in Seattle.