A Round of "Appaws" for FOX Supports Ohio

The FOX Supports Ohio volunteer committee was at it again. It turns out that there are some folks at FOX Sports Ohio who love animals just as much as they do sports! A group of six employees headed on over to the Berea Animal Rescue to volunteer their time on August 18, 2010.
The Berea Animal Rescue Fund, Inc. (ARF) is a non-profit organization that finds homes for the stray animals of Berea. ARF was incorporated in 1988 and is supported entirely through donations, adoption fees and fundraising events. The animals are housed in a “no time limit” facility until they are adopted.

When the FOX Supports Ohio crew arrived, they met the staff and learned a bit about the rescue. Then it was time to do some dirty work. And boy did they get dirty! From washing floors and windows to scrubbing cages and carriers, the team worked to make the shelter sparkle. Even their van got a thorough cleaning. FOX Supports Ohio team members also spent time raking the dog pens and weeding. And when they were done, they got to enjoy some time socializing with the dogs and cats.
At the time of FOX Supports Ohio’s visit, the rescue had about 8 dogs and 75 cats on location. An additional 100+ dogs and cats were in foster care.

Although the team felt a little sore the next day, they were so happy to have made a difference in helping the rescue maintain its facility and work with the animals that will hopefully get adopted soon. They look forward to the next visit to the Berea ARF. For more information on volunteer opportunities at Berea ARF or to foster or adopt an animal, visit www.bereaanimalrescue.com.