Reds Production Makes News!

Earlier this month, FOX Sports Ohio invited John Kiesewetter, the TV and media columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, to take a special behind-the-scenes peek at a Reds production. His tour couldn't have come at a hotter time for the Reds. The Reds were hosting the St. Louis Cardinals at Great American Ball Park and ratings for our Reds productions were (and continue to be) at all-time highs.

Kiesewetter, AKA "Kiese," spent time with FOX Sports Ohio Executive Producer Tom Farmer as he was escorted back and forth between the TV truck and the broadcast booth. Kiese was especially interested in X-Mo slow motion and FOX Trax pitch locator. He had the opportunity to meet the production crew in the TV truck as well as sit between Reds broadcasters Paul Keels and Chris Welsh and listen in via headset for an inning or two.

His feature story, Fox Sports Ohio keeps fans connected to Reds, was in the Sunday edition, and starts off as follows:
In the TV booth above home plate - arguably the best seat in Great American Ball Park - Reds TV analyst Chris Welsh is looking at his laptop instead of watching the game. What's up with that?

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